Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A Very Special Appeal for Ger

Ger is a beautiful 9 year old German Shepherd. Poor Ger was found straying; cold, hungry and completely emaciated, he was in terrible condition and massively underweight. Our amazing vet staff and carers at Dogs Trust have helped nurse him back to health and he’s looking and feeling so much better.

Ger's story, unfortunately doesn't end there. Ger became quite ill recently and we discovered a mass deep in his abdominal cavity and we’re unsure just how long Ger will remain symptom free. All we can do now is keep Ger as comfortable as possible and closely monitor his welfare. Despite this, Ger is full of positivity and the sweetest, most loving and affectionate fella you could ever meet! He’s hugely popular here with both the staff and the other dogs! 

We would love to give Ger the opportunity to live out the rest of his days in a home, a home he should have had from the very start. He would understandably need a quiet home to help him through this difficult time and he’s great with other dogs, so as long as they’re not too bouncy and playful, he’d happily live with a fellow canine companion. 

If you can give Ger the final opportunity of the home he always dreamed of, please call our rehoming centre on 01 8791000 or email reception@dogstrust.ie x

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Stickies and Trickies

Living in a kennel environment such as Dogs Trust can be taxing on any dog. Dogs are companion animals and their ideal living environment is in the centre of a loving home, being made feel part of the family.

While we are extremely lucky to have a fantastic facility here, and an abundance of help in the form of volunteers, dedicated adopters and donors -  unfortunately for some dogs this isn’t enough.

Our Sticky and Tricky dogs are the dogs that for one reason or another are not a straightforward "rehome" or struggle with kennel life so much that they require more help and support from the Behaviour Team, carers and future adopters.

There are some dogs included in our Sticky list that through no fault of their own are being missed or unnoticed by potential adopters.

The term sticky is used for dogs that have been in our care over 6 months. Any dog that is struggling in the centre, and potentially will need some additional help with their new home, is added to the "Tricky" list. All dogs on these lists are reviewed regularly by our Behaviour Team and have active training plans in place to help them with any issue that might be holding them back.

If you are an experienced dog owner and would like to offer a forever home to one of our Sticky or Tricky dogs, why not pop up to the centre and have a chat with our Rehoming Team? We're open 6 days a week from 12pm-4pm (we close on Tuesdays!) 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Plight of Roxy

Meet Roxy!

Roxy is a beautiful medium sized cross breed, most likely a Labrador / Collie mix, who's currently residing in our Rehoming Centre here in Dublin. Roxy was born here on 31st May 2010, but unfortunately, Roxy is still looking for her forever home and she wants us to share with you, her story.

“I’ve never really known what it’s like to live in a home. As I sat in my kennel as a wee pup, I saw my litter mates be picked up by their loving new families, one by one, being taken to their happy forever after. Just as I thought my luck had run out, I was chosen too! A family took me home and promised me I’d be theirs forever, but they just didn’t understand what I needed. I was only a baby - I needed help and guidance, but instead, I was left in the back garden. I felt so lonely, confused and hurt that the people who said they’d love me, left me alone.

I missed out on a huge part of my socialisation and the whole world seemed so daunting and scary. I was on my own all day, starved of the one thing I crave the most, affection from people. Bored, restless, frustrated, scared and confused, I tried to keep myself busy to save me thinking about how desperately unhappy I was but in my attempt to keep myself busy, I ended up chewing things that the humans in the home found valuable and important, more important than me - as I was returned to Dogs Trust as they simply felt that they hadn’t the time or energy to devote to me. I only wanted to be loved.

Since being back in Dogs Trust, I’m finding it more and more difficult to cope with this kind of a lifestyle. My carers adore me, they make such a huge fuss of me here. They even built a specially designed low stress unit with my own bedroom, lounge, sun room and mini beach compound to play in. They have a lady who comes in especially to do T-touch with me (a sort of doggie massage) and I get walked off site, in new exciting places several times a week! They really are doing everything they can to make me happy and carefully monitor how happy I am to ensure they’re always making me their priority!

It’s just not the same though - all I want is a home to call my own! I just want to be loved and experience a happy home life again. I have brains to burn, you have NO idea how smart I am! I know a whole heap of tricks and adore to show off with my carers during our clicker training sessions. I have so much love to give, just ask any of my friends. I’m so, so worried about being let down again that I fall apart when my carers leave my kennel and it breaks their heart to see me so upset too.

There’s loads of video footage of me with my pal Ali. She takes me out and about all the time, even on her days off, just so I can get out of the centre for a while. We have such an awesome relationship, she said she would love to bring me home, but her own dog wouldn’t be so keen on sharing his human with another dog, neither would I for that matter!

I’ve been let down in the past and now I find it a little bit difficult to trust people, especially when people come too close to my belongings. My belongings (food bowl, chews, toys) are the only things I’ve ever really had in my life and they’re very precious to me. However, I build relationships super quickly and once I know you, there’s no getting rid of me. I’d literally dig a tunnel under the earth to get to be with the people I love.

All I ask is that my new family understand that after 4 years of living in this environment, it’s going to take me a little time to adapt to the outside world again and because of this, I need an adult only home, with no visiting children.

I don’t think I’d do all that well in a suburban or city environment, I would find the hustle and bustle just far too overwhelming. I adore walking in Phoenix park though, I could paddle in those lakes for hours on end!

I really need to be the only pet in the home. Although I used to share a large kennel with another dog, the stress of living here just got too much and I did better being on my own and not having to share my belongings. I do ok with dogs when I’m out walking, I tend to ignore them as I’m just not that interested in making dog pals at the moment. I think I might like to in time though and I’ve made a few puppy friends recently.

It might take time for you to see my true self, but be patient! As you can see from my video above, when I’m in good form, I absolutely shine! I just want a break in life. I deserve a chance like the rest of my pals here do. If you take that chance on me, you will never, ever regret it. You will find a true friend for life in me and I’ll love you for the rest of our days."

If you think you can offer this special girl a forever home, please do pop up to the centre and say hi! Our experienced Rehoming Team can tell you even more about gorgeous Roxy, and whether she would be suitable for your home. If you're not in a position to adopt, you can still show Roxy some love by sending her a gift from our online shop - www.dogstrustshop.ie

We're located just two minutes from exit 5 of the M50 - head towards Ashbourne/Derry and take the first left hand slip road which is signposted Coldwinters. We're located just at the end of that road! Our centre is open 6 days a week, from 12pm - 4pm. We close all day Tuesdays. You can email any questions about Roxy, or any of our dogs to enquiries@dogstrust.ie

More information about Dogs Trust can be found on our website www.dogstrust.ie

Friday, 18 July 2014


Our last post, quite a while ago now was about old pair, Zack and Miko.

Miko came to our care after being found abandoned, cold and hungry with her life long partner Zack. Since coming into our care, Zack & Miko have been inseparable, never leaving one another’s sides. They ate together, snoozed together and watched the world go by together. 

Sadly, as his health deteriorated, Miko had to say her final farewell to Zack. It was a terribly upsetting time for all the Dogs Trust staff but even more so, for his life long love Miko. Poor Miko wouldn’t eat and remained mourning, curled up in Zacks bed. 

It took all her carers attempts and efforts to help cheer her up. After a while, she began to eat again and we’re now desperately seeking her forever home where she can be assured that no harm will come to her again.
Miko needs a home with another dog, someone sweet and gentle who won’t be too pushy or playful with her. Miko finds the outside world very frightening and needs a home with a large secure and quiet garden where she can simply potter on her own accord with her doggy companion. 

Miko simply needs a warm, secure and safe environment to retire in. She doesn’t demand any walks, training or even too much fuss from her new family, just somewhere to be in peace and be loved for who she is and for everything she has been through. 

If you think you can offer Miko a retirement home, please please get in touch with the centre. You can call us on 01 879 1000 or even better, pop in to see us at the Rehoming Centre. We're located just 2 minutes from exit 5 of the M50, head towards Ashbourne/Derry and take the first left hand slip road, signposted Coldwinters. We're just at the end of that road. Dogs Trust opens 6 days a week, from 12pm-4pm. We close all day Tuesdays.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Retirement Home Sought...

Many people want to bring the joys of dog ownership into their homes but not every home is suitable. You love dogs but you're out for part of the day. You want a dog but worry about their companionship whilst you're out. You love dogs but aren't really into exercise or daily walks. You would love a dog but don't feel physically able for one.

Do you dream of having a dog to potter about outside whilst you enjoy a spot of gardening?

Do you dream of a dog who's always happy to see you but isn't overly dependent on your time or energy?

Do you want a dog to snooze away in the warmth of your kitchen or conservatory, or to snuggle up in a heated outhouse with all the garden to explore?

Do you want to give an extra special dog the chance to discover there is something more to life than just a kennel, something more than they ever dreamed of?

Zach & Miko could be the ideal dogs for you!

Zach & Miko came to Dogs Trust from a rescue in Cork where they were abandoned at the gate. Since coming to Dogs Trust, they've enjoyed the comforts of a heated kennel, fresh food, veterinary care for their wounds and a whole lot of love! Living here is so good, they're worried they might go back to a life of abandonment. Because they are warm, comfortable and feel safe here they don't understand that there is even more to life than just their kennel and fresh food so we're appealing for a very special home for this very special pair for their twilight years. 

Zach & Miko would happily live in a secure, heated outdoor area with lots of toys to play with. They're so used to being alone together that it won't matter if you're away for part of the day. They both find the great outdoors really overwhelming and would struggle going on walks, they'd be happier to just potter about a large garden and in their own time, they'd love to snuggle up in front of a warm fire or stove in the kitchen. Both these guys struggle with handling, the poor critters have obviously received very little love in their time but despite this, they're always happy to see you and swirl their tails around in joy when they see their favourite people. They just need to know that there is more to life than a kennel and things can get even better for them. These two deserve to live the rest of their humble lives with someone to love them, adore them and provide the simplest of life's pleasures.  

In return, their lucky family will gain the most incredible trust, bond and undeniable love from this special pair. Could you be the special home these two deserve? Contact our rehoming centre for more information or pop in between 12 & 4 every day except Tuesdays and speak to a member of our rehoming team.

PS - Check out this super cute video Zach and Miko loving the camera!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Monty the Magnificent

In our last post, you met the amazing Monty! Sadly, Monty is still with us here at the Rehoming Centre, but we're hoping you'll help us change that! 

Monty has been with us since he was about 3 months old and he's about 8 months old now. As we mentioned in our previous post, he has a condition called Megaesophagus which means that the pipe his food travels down to his tummy, doesn't work like it should. 

Initially Monty needed to be fed from a height, and to be held upright immediately after for a period of 20 minutes. This was to allow for the safe passage of food to his tummy. Monty had surgery in UCD, his chest was opened to repair the connection between his mouth and stomach and he healed very well afterwards. 
Now Monty still needs to eat his food from a height, but doesn't need to be held at all afterwards!!! Hooray :)

Monty knows exactly where he gets his dinner! :)

We would love to find this young man his forever home - he truly deserves it after all he has been through. Monty comes with his fancy chair which we custom built for him, so potential owners would just need to be able to shower him with love and attention! 

We absolutely guarantee that Monty will be the most amazing addition to his new family.

If you think you can offer Monty the dedicated home he needs and deserves, please get in touch! You can call the centre on 01 879 1000 or pop in and say hi! Our address is:
Dogs Trust
Ashbourne Road
Dublin 11

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


An extra special boy, looking for an extra special home...

Breed: Alaskan Malamute cross
Gender: Male
Age : 4 months
Colour : Black with grey socks
I Like: Playing with my toys

My name is Monty and I’ve been told that I’ve stolen the hearts of all the staff at Dogs Trust.

I think they just love me a little bit more because I require extra special care. I suffer from a condition called megaesophagus.  When the oesophagus (food pipe) is functioning properly, food moves from the mouth to the stomach within seconds. In megaesophagus, there are issues with nerve and muscle functioning, as a result the food does not always reach my stomach. Food can build up causing me to regurgitate, it’s quite serious as it can lead to a lack of nutrients and aspiration pneumonia, which can have fatal consequences.

The vets have explained everything to me and unfortunately there’s nothing they can do, other than help me to manage my condition.

It’s been a bit scary but the staff have designed an amazing high chair so I can stand and eat from a tray in front of me. As soon as I see it, I know it’s time to eat! What’s even better is that I have to be held upright for 20 minutes after eating, which means lots of extra cuddles from the canine carers!

Monty's special box!

Despite my eating concerns I’m a really a happy puppy and I enjoy all the usual stuff like playing fetch and getting up to mischief! I need a dedicated owner with the patience and confidence to undertake a special needs dog and in return I promise to be a loyal and loving best friend!

If you think you can offer Monty the dedicated home he needs and deserves, please get in touch! You can call the centre on 01 879 1000 or pop in and say hi! Our address is:
Dogs Trust
Ashbourne Road
Dublin 11